Non-stick Frying Pan (9.5 Inches)

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  • HYBRID TECHNOLOGY - This latest technology combines the quality of a steel fry pan and the benefits of a non-stick pan. The Honeycomb pattern is etched with laser-precision into the cooking layer of the stainless steel pan, making the cookware ultra durable and resistant even to metal utensils. The non-stick coating on our fry pan is made by WHITFORD - ”ETERNA”. Cookware frying pan is PFOA - FREE, making it extremely easy to clean and maintain and more importantly healthier to use.
  • TRI-PLY - The Tri-Ply construction is used to achieve faster and even heating and allows cooking at lower temperatures. The two outer layers of our nonstick frying pan are made out of steel which retains heat well and requires low cooking temperature. The Aluminum layer embedded in the stainless steel distributes heat quickly and evenly, edge to edge!
  • NO RIVETS ON THE INSIDE - Tired of cleaning around those rivets inside the pan? They are gone! This Dishwasher safe frying pan is easy to clean. No food buildup and greater hygiene inside the pan.
  • METAL UTENSILS SAFE - With this metal frying pan, you can stop worrying about toxic kitchen gear that leaches chemicals into your food, bubbled and melted plastic and wooden spatulas accumulating harmful bacteria or burning. Use a metal spatula or spoon with rounded edges. No forks, knives or other sharp pointy objects.
  • SUITABLE TO USE ON ALL COOKING SURFACES - Use this steel fry pan on induction, gas, electric, halogen, glass, and ceramic. Frying pan metal is DISHWASHER SAFE and OVEN SAFE TO 500 F. You can use as metal utensils as an added benefit! Please beware of forks, knife points, and other sharp edges. Using rounded edged spatulas will ensure years of use.